How To Promote Your OnlyFans on YouTube

Are you tired of working hard on your OnlyFans and getting nowhere? Have you about had it watching other content creators on the platform who work half as hard as you do blow up their subscriber numbers and launch themselves into the top 1%?

You must keep wondering what you’re doing wrong because you keep hearing about all the money that’s being made, but you can’t seem to consistently pull down any significant earnings from your OnlyFans. Frustrating AF, amirite?

Well listen, you’re not alone. There are armies of under-performing OnlyFans creators out there, and virtually all of them have one major thing in common — they don’t know how to acquire HIGH QUALITY subscribers.

MUCHO IMPORTANTO: This is NOT a pitch to join an OnlyFans agency, where you have to give up control of your account and half of your OF earnings. This is all about JOINING FORCES to produce monetizable traffic for BOTH OF US.

Hey, I’m Buttler Camlord, and I’m a professional OnlyFans coach with over 20 years experience in the online adult marketing business. Yeah, I’m as old as dinosaur flatulence, but all those years in the biz have given me some seriously invaluable knowledge about how exactly to attract the best kind of subscribers any content creator could possibly want.

Tell me, if I told you that I could open a door for you that would allow your OnlyFans to receive a steady stream of high-spending, high-retention subscribers, and that all it would require would be no more than an hour per week of your time, would you be interested?

And it wouldn’t cost you a dime, either, nor would I want you to give me a percentage of your OnlyFans money.

You see, I don’t want your earnings, I want you to let me help you use one of the most powerful and reliable subscriber acquisition platforms in existence to boost your revenues and mine!

Read on to learn exactly what I mean.


The High-Quality Subscriber Factor

Let’s face it, there’s a fairly good chance that you’re not an experienced digital marketer. That means you’re probably not aware of the deadly effective methods being used by high-performing accounts to snag the kind of subscribers who spend money on OnlyFans content like its going out of style.

And why should you, that’s not what you do. You create content, you’re the creative side of the OnlyFans business equation. Your job is to produce the value that OnlyFans subscribers enjoy once they sign up for access. That’s a fantastically important role to play. Without you, there is no product to sell and no money to be made.

Unfortunately tho, producing the product is only half the battle when it comes to making major bank on OnlyFans. As we all know, the OnlyFans platform doesn’t bring you any real traffic, you have to go and find that yourself.

But traffic generation is one of the trickiest and most difficult aspects of operating any adult content business, especially when relying on social media. If you don’t possess the skills to work platforms like TikTok, IG, and TwitterX correctly, you’ll struggle to build a following, go viral, and keep from having your accounts shadow-banned or outright deleted.

As a pro adult digital marketer with over 20 years experience, I possess traffic generation knowledge most OnlyFans agency kings would give a testicle for (maybe two, come to think of it). I’ve been doing this shit for quite a while, and one of the major things I’ve learned is that not all platforms are created equal when it comes to harvesting subscribers for an OnlyFans account.

TikTok, for example, can yield nice results if you know what you’re doing, but often times, you’re not getting the greatest quality subscribers from that platform. TikTok’s users skew younger, and younger guys tend to have very little money to spend. Pretty much the same problem with Instagram.

There are FAR better platforms to use when fishing for QUALITY subscribers — the kind of guys who spend LARGE, and stay around forever. I teach these methods as a coach for high ticket prices, and I’ve helped countless creators take their revenues and earnings to the next level.

One of those methods happens to utilize YouTube, believe it or not. Most people don’t realize it but, all those OnlyFans girls on YouTube doing videos talking about their OnlyFans journey are actually not only attracting under-performing content creators seeking advice, they’re also attracting lots of guys who eventually become subscribers.

Promoting OnlyFans on YouTube

And not just any kind of subscriber either. Guys who love watching girls on YouTube talk about the business side of OnlyFans tend to be more mature, more affluent, more intelligent, and more interested in getting to know the girl as a person. They’re not after jiggling boobs and buttcheeks, they want to form a connection.

Many of these guys subscribe on OnlyFans and become the top tippers and spenders on the model’s account.

This is exactly the kind of subscriber you, as an OnlyFans content creator, should want. I like to call these big spenders “whales” because of the large amounts of money they often spend on a content creator they’re into. Some of these guys can spend TENS OF THOUSANDS every month on creators they’re subscribed to.

I teach my students to target these big spender whales for obvious reasons. You can make far more money off far fewer subscribers, and you don’t have to use chatters/sexters or other questionable subscriber management methods because handling a few dozen high quality, big spending fans is a lot easier than trying to handle a few hundred low spending ones.

There are other great methods to target whales, including my webcam modeling + OnlyFans method, which I teach in my Uber Fans Magnet course. However, YouTube marketing is a little known gem of a method that can definitely produce stunning results when done correctly.

Now, doing an OnlyFans journey/advice YouTube channel isn’t for everyone, unfortunately. You need to be comfortable talking on camera in English about your experiences in the biz, you need to have some desire to help other creators, and you need to possess YouTube marketing skills. I can’t help you with the first two, but boy can I help you with that last one.

Running a successful YouTube channel that can blow up generally requires a lot of digital marketing expertise because you need to optimize your videos based on user metrics analysis, create effective video titles using SEO, design clickbaity thumbnails, insert video editing tricks that keep viewer attention, and on and on and on.

Sure, you can try to get big on YouTube without these skills, but your chances of growing your channel aggressively and seeing the results you want will be dramatically reduced.

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OnlyFans Promotion on YouTube – The Program

So here’s my offer. I’m starting a new YouTube channel partnership program for OnlyFans content creators who want to take things to the next level, but are perhaps not ready to sign up with a management agency.

This program costs nothing, so you wont be required to give me any portion of your earnings. You will retain full control of your OnlyFans account, and all other social media accounts you use to promote yourself.

The only thing required of you will be that you record weekly video content for YouTube, under my direction, talking about your OnlyFans journey. This should take you about an hour per week.

I will guide you on what topics to choose and how you should structure your videos. Once you upload your content, either my team or myself will edit the footage and produce optimized clips for publishing to YouTube on a channel we will set up and manage. You won’t have to worry about any channel creation or management issues at all, we will take care of everything.

Using our extensive YouTube marketing expertise, we will grow the channel and sculpt it in a way that maximizes its appeal to the whales we’re after.

We will create a linkhub page (AllMyLinks, LinkTree, etc) for you that will contain a link to your OnlyFans page, as well as your OnlyFans creator referral link, so that you can earn a 5% referral commission on the earnings of new creators who sign up via the link.

We will post the linkhub link in the description of each video, which will allow guys interested in you to find your OnlyFans page easily.


How We Both Win

So you’re probably saying, sounds great, but how do you benefit from this, you crusty Camlord? Well, I will also place links on the channel to my OnlyFans marketing email club, which is where I offer free tips on how to make more money on the platform.

I also pitch my premium courses and online coaching services there. My trainings are top notch and extremely well reviewed, so you can rest assured that the audience we cultivate will be well served.

This program is all about helping each other, while also helping others. You bring the content, we bring the digital marketing skills. Together, we can grow much faster and do more good than working separately.

The videos you produce, enhanced by my marketing and OnlyFans expertise, will inspire and help potentially thousands of struggling creators make more money and succeed at this awesome, but often perplexing game.

Introducing them to my training materials will bring me more students, who will gain access to cutting edge OnlyFans marketing tactics that most in the business aren’t even aware of.

And, of course, YOU will benefit fantastically by attracting high quality subscribers who are highly monetizable and very likely to stick around, due to the parasocial bond they’ve formed with you as a result of watching your videos (long-form video beats every other form of content on this point).

This is a classic win-win-win type of deal. Its so perfect, it makes a Camlord almost wanna cry. Sorry, I’m a bit baked atm.

So, to sum up, the pros of joining this program are:

  • Cultivate high value OnlyFans subscribers on YouTube without having to edit videos, do SEO, design effective thumbnails, seed new posts, or promote the channel.
  • Benefit from the aid of professional, highly experienced adult digital marketers that know how to target the big spending whales every OnlyFans creator dreams of luring to their account.
  • Refer new content creators who view your videos to OnlyFans with your referral link, and earn 5% of their earnings for the first year. (This can be an EXTREMELY lucrative source of completely PASSIVE income.)
  • No cost to you at all. No fees and no revenue splits. This is NOT a management agency deal.
  • Partner with one of the coolest stoners in the biz who’s been a trusted authority in the OnlyFans and webcam modeling coaching space for literally eons. I helped Noah build his Ark and supplied his weed, ok, I’m a freaking OG.


Apply Today!

Ok, so here’s how to apply. Unfortunately, we can’t accept everyone, so applying pronto will definitely help.

  • Send me an email with “YouTube Program” in the subject line.
  • Include links to the social media profiles you use to promote your OnlyFans, as well as any cam site profiles you may have.
  • Let me know if you have access to a computer with webcam (laptop or desktop). If you don’t, let me know what model smartphone you use.
  • Finally, feel free to tell me why you think you’d be great at this. If you’ve got a sparkling or magnetic personality, this is your chance to let it show and stand out.
  • Email me at:

Hope to hear from you!

– Buttler Tiberius Camlord