Uber Fans Magnet Affiliate Program

Do you create content in the OnlyFans or webcam modeling advice niches? Well then sign yourself up for the Uber Fans Magnet affiliate program and earn a whopping $80 for every sale you refer!

MUCHO IMPORTANTO: Here’s you chance to join our affiliate program and make a fat 80 bucks for every sale you refer!

The OnlyFans business is absolutely EXPLODING, and people are flooding into the industry to take their shot at making the gargantuan incomes that are being reported all over the mainstream press.

The problem is that the vast majority of newbies to the OnlyFans biz have no clue how to promote their pages and cultivate high-spending subscribers. They desperately need quality instruction from experienced sources, and Uber Fans Magnet happens to be one of the very best courses on the subject available.

Sign up below and promote UFM to content creators seeking quality guidance on how to grow their OnlyFans pages. All sales are processed securely through Gumroad.com, which also tracks all of our affiliate sales.

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*Per sale commission percentage will be 40% of sale price, currently $199. Use of discount codes is optional, but will reduce the commission dollar amount. All referred sales are tracked and processed securely through Gumroad.com.