OnlyFans Course Affiliate Program

Are you an OnlyFans content creator that likes to make videos for YouTube and social media giving advice to other creators? Do you post “journey videos” about your experiences on OnlyFans? Well, listen up, because you can now make a whopping $80 per sale commission promoting the single best “whale-attraction” OnlyFans promo course on the market.

MUCHO IMPORTANTO: If you’re a YouTuber who creates content about the business of OnlyFans, this is your chance to monetize your channel out the wazooza. Make a FAT $80 for every sale you refer!

I’m Buttler Camlord, and I’ve been coaching OnlyFans models since before anyone knew what OnlyFans was. I’ve got two decades worth of experience in the adult digital marketing world, and I’ve packed a metric crap-ton of it into my Uber Fans Magnet course.

Uber Fans Magnet is a meaty, but concise 8-lesson PDF course that teaches some of the most advanced marketing tactics currently used in the OnlyFans and broader adult content industries. It focuses on the “WEBCAM MODELING + ONLYFANS” method, which I’ve been teaching privately for years to my coaching students.

Attracting big-spending “whales” is the holy grail in the OnlyFans business, and that’s what my course teaches better than any other educational material on the subject available anywhere. My course is simply one of the most deadly effective resources a content creator can use to boost his/her earnings through the roof.

As a YouTuber who makes content around OnlyFans journeys and advice, you are in the perfect position to promote this course. By bringing my course to the attention of your viewers, you will be introducing them to an educational power-rocket that can change the game for them on OnlyFans.

Rest assured that conversions on this course are excellent, even at its high-ticket price. If you get an average of a few hundred views per video, you could potentially make more than a grand per month promoting UFM.


How To Apply For The Affiliate Program

The Uber Fans Magnet affiliate program is currently open to OnlyFans content creators who make journey and/or advice videos for social media. Please email me with the following information to get started:

  • A link to each of the channels/accounts you post OnlyFans-related content to.
  • A link to your OnlyFans account(s).
  • The country where you’re based.
  • Email me at with “Affiliate” in the subject line.

After I review your application, I’ll be in touch prontotisimo!

Hope to hear from you soon!

– Buttler Tiberius Camlord

*Per sale commission percentage will be 40% of sale price, currently $199. Use of discount codes is optional, but will reduce the commission dollar amount. All referred sales are tracked and processed securely through