Could this OnlyFans promotion formula change everything?

Are you struggling to find subscribers for your OnlyFans, Fansly, or other fans platform account? Are you not making enough off your existing subscribers? Did you know that webcam modeling at the right cam sites, using a specific method, can reel-in big spending “whales” that can boost your OnlyFans revenues through the roof?

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Generating traffic sucks donkey nuts...let the fans come to you!

Do you know what the biggest complaint is that I constantly hear from OnlyFans models? It’s that getting traffic is more of a FML pain than aggressive herpes. Posting consistently on social media, figuring out each platform’s algorithm, and keeping ahead of all the ridiculous and puritanical “community guidelines” so you don’t get banned is a mega major migraine headache no content creator needs.

Well, webcam modeling offers the solution to this obnoxious problem, and it’s actually one of the best ways to attract big-spending fans. You go on cam and the traffic COMES TO YOU. You don’t need to go viral, or master some social media algo, you just sit there, chat, and viewers show up. Not only that, but there are certain cam sites where the really big fish like to swim around. I call them “whales,” and they spend massive amounts, often tipping models ridiculous sums of money for no other reason than to watch them react!

Why you need some Superfans in your life...

By using the right tactics, and camming at the right sites, you can get yourself some of these whales, and it’s a beautiful thing, trust me. Cam whales make the best SUPERFANS known to the cosmos. When you snag a big fish on a cam site, then get him over to your OF, Fansly, or whichever platform you use, he’s gonna buy up your content and make you a VERY happy camper.

You see, while a lot of content creators seem to be heavily focused on racking up raw subscriber numbers, the smart ones are busy cultivating whale superfans. They know it’s way easier to monetize high-value subscribers who they have a strong connection with, and there’s no better place to build that all-important connection than in a cam chat room.

Yeah, it’s possible to achieve those huge OnlyFans income numbers you keep hearing about without employing camming as a superfan generator (I like to call them “UberFans” personally), but think about what’s necessary to pull that off. A model will generally need a whole army of account managers, chatters, uploaders, and social media people to scale her account up into the five figures per month.

With this method, you don’t need an army of helpers to attract and manage a huge number of subscribers because you’ll be going for “quality over quantity.” This is basically the adult industry version of the “Pareto Principle” on steroids.

Cam whale fishing

I'm Buttler Camlord, nice to meet you...

My name is Buttler Camlord (yes, my parents were either high or having a bit of an “asshole episode” when they named me) and I’ve been an adult marketer for over two decades now. If you can think of some obscure online adult business that has existed on the internet, I was probably involved in it, to one degree or another.

I’ve been blogging about the adult industry since 2013 on, which has been the best spot to learn about webcam modeling, OnlyFans marketing, the monetization of sexual fetishes, and the consequences of smoking entirely too much weed (to be clear, I have no regrets — 420 babyyy, woogawoogaaaaa!!). I’ve worked with scores of webcam models, OnlyFans creators, adult webmasters, and developed a level of expertise in the adult content business that would make your typical church lady clutch her rosary in record time.

Over the past few years, I’ve been able to hone a system designed to boost just about any adult model’s revenues on cam and OnlyFans (or any fans platform). It’s a system that, as I mentioned above, targets quality over quantity. We don’t fart around, we go straight for the big boys that spend the big bucks. Through the use of psychological profiling, demographic targeting, and carefully tuned marketing, models and creators using my method can see their revenues skyrocket.

Believe me, I know exactly how much adult content creators hate generating traffic. Like I said, for years, it’s been the biggest complaint I get. That’s why my Uber Fans Magnet system is just what the doctor ordered…it helps you reel-in the big spenders without having to run a massive social media promotion machine. This is a game-changer, trust me.

One of the main reasons I decided to create this course is that so many adult content creators are completely unaware of this method, and are leaving a fantastic amount of money on the table as a result. Of those that do use webcam modeling, the vast majority are making critical mistakes that limit the effectiveness of the method dramatically.

Uber Fans Magnet is a comprehensive 8-lesson written course that will teach you, step by step, how to apply this method for maximum gains. You will be instructed exactly where to cam, how to run your room, how to attract the big spenders, and how to monetize them using advanced marketing methods that take things to the next level.


Do you manage models? Step into my office...

If you’re a manager, you need this course just as much as models do. If you’ve been in the business for any length of time, you must now realize how difficult it is to promote your models the old fashioned way. Working social media accounts, or using dozens to hundreds of phones to run sockpuppet accounts on dating apps is a massive, gargantuan pain in the old patootie. Very difficult to pull off without a huge army of VAs, which can get very expensive very fast.

Even when you do manage to get the machine up and running, you often end up attracting the wrong fans for your model. You know, the freebie-seekers and time wasters? Well, my Uber Fans Magnet method is all about cutting through the crap and finding the gems. Targeting the kind of men who spend large on adult models and make revenues jump like a hottie at a Drake concert.

Many of your models will already have some experience with webcam modeling, but I guarantee you that very few of them knew how to apply this method when they were camming. This course contains essential tips and tricks every OnlyFans manager needs to know to dramatically improve the quality of superfan cultivation for his or her models.

Not only that, but you can also set up a virtual webcam studio to have your models work under as they use my method, so that you get paid your percentage automatically. For example, if you have a 50/50 revenue split agreement with your models, you can set it up so that you get 50% of their earnings on whichever cam site they use this method with. The money will go to you first, then you payout your models.


What's in this thing, anyway?

The Uber Fans Magnet Webcam Modeling Course is a comprehensive 8-lesson instruction manual for mastering the art of generating big-spending superfans (UberFans) for your OnlyFans, Fansly, LoyalFans, or any other fans platform you might be using. I’ve poured my 20+ years of experience in the adult marketing realm into this jam-packed course, and that will become very apparent from the minute you crack it open.

The course is made up of 10 PDF files (8 lessons, an introduction, and a glossary). I assume the reader has virtually no knowledge of the webcam modeling world, so we start off with the very basics, then ramp right up to the advanced whale-fishing and more. This course is for you whether you have experience camming, or have never even heard of it before today.

One of the most unique things about this course, by the way, is that it includes extensive training on adult email marketing, which is virtually impossible to find anywhere else. In Uber Fans Magnet, I teach you how to setup and run “email clubs,” which actually allow you to own your audience, rather than having it temporarily loaned to you by a social media platform. Socials can take your followers away at any time, but your email list is forever.

OnlyFans Marketing Course

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What will I need to become a webcam model and follow the tips in this course?

A: Optimally, you will want to use a computer, either laptop or desktop, with a webcam. You will also need a broadband internet connection. If you don’t have a computer, you can use your smartphone to do your live-streams.

Q: Will I be able to block my home state or city?

A: Yes, the cam sites I recommend using all have geoblocking filters you can use to block out whichever areas you wish.

Q: Is your camming method intended to produce income itself, or just to promote OnlyFans?

A: With my method, you will make money AS you attract big spenders for your OnlyFans. Yes, with this method, you actually essentially GET PAID to promote your OnlyFans!

Q: How long does it take to see results?

A: If you follow my instructions and stay consistent, you can see results quite quickly. Often within a week or two. The traffic often finds you very quickly, you just need to stream regularly to cultivate it employing the tactics I teach.

Q: I’m not thrilled by the idea that my friends and family could know that I’m doing OnlyFans. Is this method more private?

A: The traditional method of promoting OnlyFans involves posting a LOT of content to social media platforms, to get huge numbers of views that will hopefully end up yielding you some paying subscribers. My method focuses on cultivating high-quality superfans that spend MUCH more than the typical subscriber. It’s super targeted. So, in general, you’re going to be FAR less exposed using Uber Fans Magnet.

Q: I’m not sure I should spend this week’s weed budget on your course. Is it really worth it?

A: Yeah, I def feel that — but consider this. The average cost of a college credit in the US is around $450. That’s the cost for a single CREDIT HOUR, not a full course, which usually involves at least 3 credit hours. Which course do you think is more likely to produce a real monetary return for you the fastest — that $1500 art history course, or Uber Fans Magnet? As far as investing in your education goes, purchasing UFM is a wise move. And yes, weed is awesome, no argument, but the hustle’s gotta take priority, amirite? This is what the cool kids call a “no-brainer.”

Q: What do you mean when you say that having an email club will allow me to “own” my audience?

A: When you build a social media account, those followers are “on loan” to you by the platform. IG, or TikTok, or Twitter can delete your account at any time, wiping you out and requiring you to start from scratch again. When you build an email club, you will be collecting the emails of your fans which will allow you to message to them in a much less restricted way, as much as you want. Your email list belongs to YOU, and can’t be taken away by a platform. Uber Fans Magnet is the only course I know of that teaches adult email marketing for OnlyFans promotion. And there’s no greater expert in that field than yours truly.

Q: Do you offer a video version of this course?

A: A video version of Uber Fans Magnet is in the works, but it will be priced at $500 or possibly higher. However, rest assured that all owners of the PDF version who purchase before the video course is released will receive access to it FREE OF CHARGE.

Q: Are updates to the course free?

A: Yes, this industry is constantly changing, and my team and I get new data all the time. Updates will be necessary, and all purchasers who own a copy of the Uber Fans Magnet course will receive them 100% free of charge forever.



Uber Fans Magnet is Content Creator Approved

Uber Fans Magnet reviews & testimonials

“The Uber Fans Magnet course really stands out because it teaches you how to market yourself in a way that can attract the big spenders everybody wants. It makes promoting your OnlyFans much easier by leveraging intelligent and clever methods that pretty much no one else talks about. The email marketing guide is also essential for anyone involved in OnlyFans or webcam modeling. I’ve been applying it, and it definitely works.” @SmartyKat314 – SmartyKat314

The course was the best investment I made on this business venture! Buttler made me feel so comfortable with everything that I went on cam 3 days after completing the course and have not looked back.” @CyndiCynful – Cyndi Sinclair

“After taking Buttler Camlord’s Uber Fans Magnet Course, I feel like I am ready to make my entrance into the world of camming! I’ve gained so much confidence and insight. Now I feel unstoppable! This course really is the only learning tool you will ever need! Thanks to Buttler Camlord’s course I feel just as knowledgeable and experienced as the models that have been camming for years. I don’t feel so much like a rookie anymore. This course is all you need to perform like a pro!” @ClubKyra – Kyra Rylee

Buttler is wonderful. He’s like the best friend you’ve ever had in OnlyFans. I am so impressed with his knowledge and willingness to help. If you listen to him, you will succeed. Thanks! You make the cam and content world a lot better for us creators. Active Webcam Model “Elly”

It's Go Time

There has literally never been a better time to build an OnlyFans content business. The industry is exploding, demand is massive, and the barriers to entry are virtually non-existent. But this opportunity is NOT going to last forever. Competition is growing fast as people flood into the business, and AI-generated virtual models will be arriving soon, which will completely change everything. The time is NOW to get busy establishing your brand and devoted superfandom using the best tactics available.

My Uber Fans Magnet course is honestly one of the best informational resources you can possibly get your hands on right now, if you want to go “next level” on OnlyFans. Webcam modeling is the key to solving so much of the OnlyFans promotion and monetization conundrum so many creators face. I know how to exploit it correctly and will teach you, if you let me.

When you consider that attracting a SINGLE WHALE uberfan could potentially be worth tens of thousands of dollars over the course of a model’s career, it becomes quite clear that this course is worth many times the purchase price.

It’s time to get serious, make an investment in high-quality knowledge, and put your business on course for the stratosphere. So…are you ready to go “next level?” I’ll see you on the inside. – Buttler Camlord

You will receive an instant download link after purchase. A PDF viewer is required to view course files (Adobe Reader is an excellent free option). If you have any questions, please contact me.

Prefer to ask me questions and get personal guidance as you implement the Uber Fans Magnet method? For a limited time, I’m offering one-on-one email coaching for those who’d like more personalized training. Each coaching period lasts 15 days, and is priced at $899. This coaching service is email-only and can be renewed for multiple periods.

Contact me here for availability info.