How To Start an OnlyFans Agency

I’m sure it will come as no shock to you when I say that the OnlyFans business has absolutely exploded in just the last few years. The news media has been abuzz about how much money content creators are making on the platform, and as someone who is intimately connected to that world, I can confirm that most of those huge figures being reported are quite accurate.

RED ALERT: Digital marketers are making up to HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars per MONTH on OnlyFans managing models. This is my highly anticipated guide on how to start an OnlyFans agency from scratch. Take notes, this one’s a mutha of a value whopper.

There are several reasons why this is happening, and there’s no space to go through all of them here. What you need to understand, though, is that MASSIVE amounts of money are being made, not only by models and content creators, but by savvy digital marketers and agencies as well.

Do you need to have a bunch of digital marketing experience to successfully run an agency or management service though?

Actually no, and it’s becoming easier and easier with every passing month as new and more powerful AI tools become available that essentially automate so much of the work involved. In fact, the future of this business will be ENTIRELY AI-AUTOMATED.

How to start an OnlyFans agency.

Now, if you’re wondering how exactly managing models on OnlyFans can produce such ridic levels of cheddar, you’re not alone. Most people scratch their heads when I give them the numbers. Let me explain how this rather unique opportunity came to be, then it will all make sense, trust me.

After I put that away, I’ll be going over how you can actually run one of these agency businesses YOURSELF and back up the truck on the OnlyFans money pump, so prepare accordingly.


How OnlyFans Works

First off, let’s quickly go over exactly how OnlyFans, as a platform, operates and how content creators make money on it. OnlyFans is essentially an adult-content-friendly social media platform that was designed to allow its users to monetize their content by enabling monthly subscriptions, pay-per-view content, fundraisers, and tipping.

As a content creator on OnlyFans, you set up your own profile and determine the monthly subscription price that your subscribers will pay to access your content. This can vary widely based on the type of content you provide and your popularity. Subscribers get access to your exclusive posts, photos, videos, and other content that you don’t share elsewhere.

OnlyFans Manager 101

Content creators earn money on OnlyFans through a combination of subscription revenue, content sales, and tips. When someone subscribes to your profile, you receive a portion of the subscription fee. The platform takes 20% as its cut for providing the platform and payment processing. That leaves 80% for the creator which, when you consider the high conversions you can achieve on OnlyFans, is actually a great deal.

Due to the enormous brand power OnlyFans enjoys, fans are much more likely to spend money on the platform than on other adult fan club platforms like Fansly or LoyalFans.

Many content creators also make additional income from tips and pay-per-view (PPV) content. Tips are exactly what they sound like—subscribers can voluntarily tip you for your posts. PPV content is special content that you can send directly to subscribers for an extra fee. It could be anything from an exclusive photoset to a personalized video message.

One of the key reasons OnlyFans became so popular among content creators is its flexible nature. You’re in control of what you share, how often you post, and what you charge. This gives you the freedom to create content that resonates with your audience and fits your personal style.

The OnlyFans platform cleverly provides features that allow content creators to stimulate subscriptions and PPV content sales like free trial links, subscriber retention rewards, direct messaging with teaser previews, etc.

It’s honestly one of the most well-designed monetization engines I’ve ever personally observed in my long and rather eventful career in the online adult marketing industry.

It’s really no wonder why so many people are making out like bandits with OnlyFans, it’s actually a revenue-generating workhorse.


Why OnlyFans Models Need Managers and Agencies

As has been widely reported in the news media, adult models can make upwards of $50,000 per month on OnlyFans (quite a few top creators there are actually making over 10 times that). But in order to make these massive incomes happen, a model has to do a lot of MARKETING.

This includes posting a ton of content to social media accounts like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter(X). This is how traffic is generated in this business (the OnlyFans platform does not provide any real traffic itself, outside paid shoutouts), so an OnlyFans model’s social media marketing game has to be strong and consistent for her to reach these insane levels of income.

Now, models are NOT marketers, by and large. Asking the typical OnlyFans content creator to put together and execute a well-honed social media marketing campaign is like asking a mechanic to write you a novel.

Models like to create and express themselves, and the successful ones like to interact with people, form strong bonds, and provide valuable entertainment. They don’t typically like to work the internet for traffic.

The vast majority of OnlyFans models lack either the time or the skills to properly run the marketing end of their business. As a result, digital marketers are in high demand to serve as managers that can handle those aspects.

So, as you can imagine, this has created a HUGE market for OnlyFans managers, which are basically digital marketers who do all of the social media and on-platform marketing that brings in subscriptions and stimulates tipping and content sales. OnlyFans agencies, which generally provide management services to multiple models, have become massive moneymakers as a result.

One of the reasons why the money is so good on the management end of the business is that agencies usually take around 50% of the content creator’s OnlyFans earnings, in exchange for their services. Yes, FIFTY PERCENT. Some actually take more. The reason they can do this is because models know quite well how valuable an agency’s marketing and promotion services really are.

OnlyFans Top Model Income

To give you an idea, I can tell you from experience that most models, even extremely attractive ones, who start an OnlyFans without a manager never break $5k per month in earnings on the platform. Many of them languish at less than $1k per month.

The reason for this is quite clear to me, and anyone else with experience in the adult marketing world — they don’t know how to acquire subscribers (especially the right kind of subscribers, which I’ll go into below).

What’s more, huge numbers of them are realizing their deficiency in this department. That’s why they’re competing with one another so vigorously to get accepted by the best agencies.

While once broadly regarded with suspicion in the model community, OnlyFans managers and agencies are now quite eagerly sought after by most content creators who realize the benefits of partnering with competent marketers.

A good OnlyFans agency can take a model from $5k per month, to over $50k per month in a very short period of time. So, when you think about it, making 50% of $50,000 is a LOT better than making 100% of $5,000. You don’t have to be a math prodigy to score that one.

So, given how much more money a model can make with an OnlyFans agency or manager, we’re seeing demand for these services gushing out the waz currently. That means there is a gigantic opportunity for digital marketers to get in on the OnlyFans gold rush. And it’s still relatively early, so people getting in now have a distinct advantage.


Recruiting and On-boarding Quality Models

When you’re starting or running an OnlyFans agency and looking to attract top-tier models and content creators, Instagram outreach can be a powerful tool in your recruitment arsenal. Instagram, with its massive user base and trendy appeal, provides an ideal platform to connect with potential talent. IG is literally crawling with gorgeous women and attractive young men, so it’s the first place you go to find models.

Keep a few things in mind as you begin your recruitment push though.

1. Define Your Ideal Candidate:

Before diving into Instagram outreach, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of the type of models and content creators you’re looking for. Consider factors like niche, style, and personality that align with what’s in greatest demand. Girl-next-door types with minimal tattoos do the best on OnlyFans currently.

2. Create an Engaging Instagram Profile:

Your agency’s Instagram profile should be appealing and professional. Use high-quality images, a consistent visual style, and a compelling bio that clearly conveys what your agency offers. Highlight your agency’s values and the benefits of joining.

3. Use Hashtags Wisely:

Hashtags are your best friend when it comes to reaching a broader audience. Research and use relevant hashtags related to your industry, such as #OnlyFansModels, #ContentCreators, or specific niches like #FitnessModels or #GamingContent. Use these in your IG posts as long as they’re relevant.

4. Engage and Build Relationships:

Start engaging with potential candidates by liking, commenting, and sharing their posts. Show genuine interest in their content and progress. Building relationships on Instagram is key to establishing trust and rapport.

5. Direct Messaging (DM):

Once you’ve interacted with potential candidates and established a connection,  it’s time to send a polite and personalized DM. Introduce yourself, mention why you’re reaching out, and express your interest in collaborating with them. Keep the initial message concise and respectful. Briefly explain that by partnering with you, the model can potentially elevate her income to a whole other level.

6. Highlight Your Agency’s Benefits:

In your DM conversations, emphasize what your agency can offer, such as marketing support, social media management, OnlyFans account management, email club services, and any unique perks that set your agency apart from others.

7. Provide Clear Information:

Be prepared to answer questions about how your agency operates, including commission rates, payment schedules, and the level of creative freedom models and creators can expect. Transparency is crucial to building trust.

I just want to mention, also, that while Instagram is certainly a great place to find quality models, you should also consider sugar dating sites like The process is a little different with this method, obviously, because you will need to sell the girls you meet there on the concept of getting into the OnlyFans game, but given the numbers involved, it can be a lot easier than you’d think.

Many sugar babies have actually seriously considered starting an OnlyFans, but have been hesitant due to their lack of knowledge on how to do it right. That’s obviously where you can help out big time.

Once you’ve successfully recruited a model, it’s time to on-board and get her up to speed on what will be needed from her, on what time schedule, and at what quality. You should also get clear on the payment questions and so forth.

1. Welcome Meeting:

Begin with a warm and welcoming introduction. Schedule a Facetime or Zoom meeting to greet the new model personally, if you’re comfortable. Use this opportunity to establish a positive and professional rapport. You can also build rapport through regular texting and staying in touch via emails.

2. Detailed Contract Discussion:

Review the contract terms and conditions with the model. Ensure they understand their compensation structure, payment schedule, etc. This is also the time to discuss intellectual property rights and content ownership. By the way, it’s very common for agencies to require 50% of the net OnlyFans revenues on an account, but you may decide to go lower depending on the girl and her potential.

3. Content Expectations:

Clearly outline the types of content you expect the model to produce. Specify the themes, styles, and niches that align with the most profitable trends and fetishes. For example, foot fetish is huge right now, so running the idea of producing content in that niche by her can be wise. Just get a sense of what she’s comfortable with, then get a commitment from her to produce that.

4. OnlyFans Posting Schedule:

Discuss the posting schedule in detail. Specify how often the model should create and upload content to the OnlyFans account. Depending on your strategy, this could range from daily posts to weekly updates. In many cases, it’s better to upload the content yourself, or have a virtual assistant do it, to ensure consistency and that proper marketing tactics are employed.

5. Support and Resources:

Let the model know that you’re there to support her. Offer guidance on where to find resources, such as photography equipment, props, or editing software. Provide tips on creating engaging and marketable content. Guidance on fetish content is especially important, since most models will not know how to go about producing content for niches they’re not familiar with.

6. Communication Channels:

Establish clear communication channels. Ensure the model knows how to reach you or your agency’s support team in case of questions or concerns. Timely communication is key to a smooth partnership.

After you’ve established a good working relationship with your models, it will be critical to continuously motivate them to keep producing content. Check in with them frequently and compliment them on the stuff they’re doing right. Remember, models are human beings like everybody else, they need reinforcement, and sometimes a good pep talk every now and then to keep at it.

Maintaining a positive, healthy relationship with your girls will pay off huge dividends down the road, believe me.


How To Generate Traffic For OnlyFans

Running an OnlyFans agency is all about recruiting quality models to work with, then employing effective traffic generation methods to pump as many potential subscribers over to your models’ pages as possible. There’s obviously more to it, but this is the foundation of a successful agency, in a nutshell.

Once you’ve got a model who’s ready to rumble, it’s time to build her persona and brand on various social media platforms. The most important platforms for OnlyFans promotion will be Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter(X). A lot of agency guys and models have reported great results on Reddit, but that’s a challenging one for most people to master, so I’m going to set it aside for now. Will be writing up a guide for it soon, tho.

The best social media platforms to use for traffic generation are Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. There are certain cam sites that are buttloads better than any of these tho, which I will go into a bit further down.

Now, since social media will be the main source of traffic for your model, you will be needing to post a significant amount of content to get traffic flowing to your model’s OnlyFans page. Your model will need to produce a certain amount each week so that you or your virtual assistant can post regularly on her social media accounts.

With consistent posting, tease content (or thirst content, as it’s often called) can generate a ton of views, engagement, and ultimately willingness to pay for an OnlyFans subscription. But you need to adhere to the rules for each platform (see below).

As for what kind of content exactly your model should produce, it’s super important to keep track of trends by observing the social media accounts of successful OnlyFans models in the niche your model is in. Have your model emulate what they’re doing.

Posting content on trending topics and themes is a surefire way to get huge attention for your model on pretty much any social media platform. Don’t underestimate the power of this tactic, it can be a game changer.

When it comes to social media, copying popular content is the fastest way to get views. Hop on trends and emulate the stuff popular models are seeing success with.

And believe me, the more content you can post, the better. Every little piece of content that you post on a model’s social media accounts is yet another lure that can potentially bring in subscribers. Plus, posting volume is directly correlated to virality, so the more content you put up, the more viral pops you will be seeing.

Know The Rules

Probably the most important part of the social media promotion aspect of having an OnlyFans agency is knowing what the rules are (stated AND unstated) on each of the platforms you’re using. Here’s a quick rundown of the most important ones.

  • Instagram (including Reels) – Instagram is owned by Meta Inc, which also owns Facebook. This company likes to keep its platforms family friendly, so it doesn’t allow nudity or sexually explicit content on Instagram at all. Lots of models still use it, of course, because it’s the biggest single traffic pump for OnlyFans currently. You will need to walk a fine line in order to use this platform without getting your model’s account banned, but it can be done. Focus on sexy tease content that does not display the anogenital region at all. That means, for example, no twerking footage that allows views of the crotch, or any focus on the genital region. Doesn’t even matter if she’s fully clothed, she could be in a business suit — don’t display the crotch, or focus on the pubic zone AT ALL.
  • TikTok – This is a platform that can be quite effective in generating thirst for models, despite the fact that it is very adult-unfriendly. The explosive growth of TikTok means there is money to made with it, so putting your model on it is wise. The key with TikTok is to create content around trending themes, hashtags, and sounds. Adhere to the Instagram guidelines I mentioned above, and remember not to allow any mention of OnlyFans. Once your model gets 1,000 followers, you will be able to insert a clickable link in her bio. More on linking below.
  • Twitter(X) – Twitter, or “X” as it’s now called, has traditionally been a great platform for OnlyFans promotion because it actually DOES allow adult content in posts, but you are not allowed any nudity in the header image or the avatar image. You CAN openly promote OnlyFans on this platform tho, and you can even post sexually explicit teasers of your model’s OnlyFans content in tweets (but you must turn on the “Sensitive Content” setting). Many models on Twitter take part in what are called “Engagement Groups,” which can be extremely effective for building follower count. The members of these groups agree to retweet each other and can end up increasing views on tweets by huge multiples. I’ll be doing a separate guide on Twitter promotion soon.

MUCHO IMPORTANTO: Critical linking information below.

Now, at least as far as Instagram and TikTok are concerned, openly promoting or linking to an OnlyFans page is a big NO-NO. That means you don’t want your model even mentioning the word “OnlyFans” at all in video content, and you should never include the word in any caption.

Instead, have your model talk a lot about her “spicy content” that fans can subscribe to. Many models put their OnlyFans link on a linkhub page like LinkTree, AllMyLinks, or Beacons, then link to that page from their TikTok and IG bios. This is NOT SAFE, though it is safer than linking directly to the OnlyFans page.

The problem with using this method to get people to your model’s OnlyFans is that, if the account ever gets manually reviewed by Instagram or TikTok, it will get suspended. The reviewer will click over to the linkhub and see that OnlyFans is being promoted, which means instant ban hammer.

I always recommend using “email clubs” for the link in bio, because you are then able to hide the OnlyFans link behind an email list subscription wall. Manual reviewers will almost never subscribe to a model’s email club to investigate whether or not adult content is being promoted, so this is MUCH safer. More on this in my adult email marketing guide over here.

Is Social Media The Only Way?

A lot of new agency entrepreneurs tell me that they can’t stand running the social media aspects of their model promotion strategy, and I totally get it. Consistently posting on social media is a real grind, even with the help of scheduling apps. I normally urge the use of VAs for this work.

But let’s face it, virtual assistants cost money, and it can be a pain to train them so that they execute the work correctly and without making mistakes that get your accounts banned.

There actually IS a better way to attract high-quality subscribers to your model’s OnlyFans account, and it DRAMATICALLY reduces the work you yourself have to do, or pay others to get done. Better yet, the subscribers you can attract with this method generally end up spending FAR more on content and tips than guys brought in via social media.

This subscriber acquisition method makes use of cam sites, which are actually online GOLD MINES when it comes to feeding an OnlyFans page. The members on cam sites are highly QUALIFIED leads for OF, which means they are adult-content-interested and ready to spend money. This is not generally the case with social media, where models often end up attracting a lot of thirsty younger guys who have nothing to spend.

The quality of a subscriber is a huge consideration in this business, it’s not simply about raw numbers. You want the right kind of guys subscribing to your models’ OnlyFans pages — guys who have money to spend on models and are already in the habit of doing so.

Social media can generate large numbers of leads for OnlyFans models, but the quality of subscriber resulting from this acquisition method can often be lacking. Cam sites offer much more highly qualified leads for OnlyFans.

Webcam modeling has traditionally been the single best way for adult performers to cultivate “big spender” regulars, which are also called “whales” due to the ridiculous amounts of money they spend per month on adult models they click with. I’ve been in this business for eons, and in that time, I’ve witnessed countless individual whales spend tens of THOUSANDS per month. It’s absolutely nuts.

Some people call these guys “online sugar daddies,” but I’ve found that “whale” fits best because, often times, these men don’t even need much attention from the model. They just like to splash around and throw huge sums at girls they like, just to get a reaction. You can imagine how valuable a guy like this would be as an OnlyFans subscriber.

Webcam modeling - Cam Sites

So, where do these whales like to swim around? Well, on cam sites of course, because those sites are ideally designed environments for big spenders who like to impress people with their “tip bombs.” They’ve got a pretty girl on a live stream, and they’ve even got an audience (the chat room), so it’s perfect. They can tip huge and enjoy the stunned reactions, it’s like a fetish.

When a webcam model cultivates a whale and forms a bond with him, that’s when the magic begins. He can end up spending vast sums of money on her, most of which happens on OnlyFans.

Now, not all cam sites are created equal in terms of whale hunting potential, and there are certain tactics that models can use to dramatically improve their whale cultivation capabilities. I teach all of this and more in my Uber Fans Magnet Webcam Modeling Course, which you should consider picking up to use as a training manual for your models.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that, not only does this subscriber acquisition method require far less work on your part as a manager/agency owner, but you can also make money AS IT HAPPENS. Yep, you just set up a “studio” account at the cam site, then add your model under that account. You will receive all of the money she makes on the site, then you would pay her out according to your revshare agreement.

Webcam studio accounts allow agency owners to be paid first, which eliminates the hassle of invoicing models.

This is actually one of the most awesome aspects of using this method because it allows the agency owner or manager to control the revenue inflow. OnlyFans unfortunately does not allow studio accounts, so agency owners often have to invoice their models monthly or biweekly to collect their share of earnings. That’s not an issue on cam sites when you have a webcam studio account.

Again, you can get all the details for this method, along with tons of my most advanced tactics in my OnlyFans-centric webcam modeling course. Demand is high right now and the price will be going up soon to avoid over-saturation of this strategy, so you might want to snag your copy pronto.

Check out my Uber Fans Magnet Course here.

So, here are the major advantages of using the cam site subscriber acquisition method:

  • Quality of leads is much higher. Members on cam sites have been spending money on adult models for a while, and are in the habit of doing so. They will generally be far easier to convert on subscriptions, PPV content, and tips once they’re on your model’s OnlyFans.
  • Reduces agency owner workload and promotional expenses. Your model will be the one bringing in the leads by doing live streams, and if she is hot enough, she actually won’t even have to get naked or do anything explicit. Non-nude camming is huge right now, so she can just sit there and chat with the room while getting tipped.
  • Live-streaming on cam sites is the best way to cultivate “whales.” By forming a bond with big tippers, models can cultivate whales that will become extremely high-value subscribers to their OnlyFans accounts. Cam sites are where this cultivation is done. Much more on this in my course, linked above.
  • Webcam studio accounts allow for control of revenues. On cam sites, the agency owner can use “studio” accounts to control the revenues generated on-site, which eliminates the need to invoice your models.
  • Much easier to set up, so perfect for new agency guys. If you’re new to this industry, going the cam site route makes a lot of sense because it’s way easier to set up. No need for scheduling apps, training VAs, or knowledge of arcane social media platform rules. You can always add social media later on as your agency grows, when you can afford to hire quality people to handle that headache for you.

Monetizing Subscribers on OnlyFans

Regardless of whether you use social media or cam sites (or both), once you get subscribers on your model’s OnlyFans, there are ways to substantially boost the amount of revenue you can generate from those fans. The main method involves heavy use of PPV messaging, which is probably the most powerful moneymaker on the platform.

PPV stands for “Pay Per View,” and it simply means that subscribers can “unlock” a piece of PPV content by paying a fee. PPV direct messages can be sent straight to a model’s subscribers via DM (direct message), and this works fantastically well.

When a subscriber gets a “locked” piece of PPV content in their OnlyFans inbox, it feels to them like they already have the content, but they need the key to open it. This triggers their “loss aversion bias” which strongly influences them to pay the unlock fee so they can access the content. So, to avoid the pain of losing something they feel they already have, they pay the fee. It’s brilliant marketing, when you think about it.

I don’t want to get into the weeds on this topic in this guide, but I’ve written an article over on Medium where I go over exactly how this works. You can check it out here: How To Make $10k per Month on OnlyFans

There’s also a TON more OnlyFans marketing wisdom to be harvested from my email list on the topic over here:

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