What Sells On OnlyFans?

It’s possible to make over $10,000 per month on OnlyFans, but you need to know exactly what sells best, in terms of content. By creating the right kind of content, and marketing it to your fans the right way, you can boost your revenues through the roof.

ATTENTION, FREAKY PEOPLE: I’m about to reveal the OnlyFans content that sells best on the platform, and exactly how to market it in a way that can finally get you over the $10k per month hump!

If you’re in any way familiar with the OnlyFans industry, you know that there are quite a few content creators on the platform that are making HUGE amounts of money every month. But exactly HOW are they able to do this?

Well, it turns out that creating and marketing content around specific kinks is the surefire way to get the big bucks flowing into your OF coffers, and I happen to know exactly what sells on OnlyFans within those kink niches currently. Read to the end for a super spicy tip on how to TRIPLE your revenues by using one simple marketing trick!

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What sells best on OnlyFans. Content ideas to make more money.

Selling Content That’s In Demand on OnlyFans

The guys who make up the vast majority of the content buyers on OnlyFans usually get turned on by one or more of what I call the “Big 5 Kinks.” They are the following:

  • Foot Fetish
  • Couples Content
  • Custom Videos
  • Cosplay
  • Financial Domination (FinDom)

Yes, some models can make big bucks selling topless pics, lingerie content, and more vanilla offerings, but the creators that can pull that off generally are absurdly gorgeous or internet famous in some way. The content that sells best on OnlyFans for typical creators is kink-based.

Now, the reason I include “couples content” in this kink list is that, most of the time, a fan will want some kind of kink incorporated into the video. Same goes for custom videos.

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Exactly which kind of kinks will be requested will vary, but generally speaking, the kinkier the request, the more you can charge for the content. Super kinky custom content requests, for example, can yield you hundreds to thousands of dollars for a single video.

Let me give you a short explanation on how content for each of these kinks can be produced.

Foot Fetish

Producing foot fetish content on OnlyFans is actually relatively straightforward, and usually DOES NOT require any nudity on the part of the model. Most feet guys are simply interested in shots and videos of attractive feet being rubbed up with oil, massaged, or wearing apparel like socks. There are some fetishists who love high-heel content, where the model walks around in heels as the camera focuses on her feet.

The foot fetish is actually one of the largest kinks out there, with millions upon millions of devoted kinksters actively seeking content around it. No wonder so many OnlyFans models say this kind of content sells best for them.

Couples Content

One of the most requested forms of content on OnlyFans is couples content, where the model and her partner (usually boyfriend, though there is also some demand for lesbian content) engage in some kind of sexual activity. What can make this content super lucrative is incorporating common kinks that have broad appeal.

Most OnlyFans creators report that there are a few very common kinky interests that can boost their couples content sales when incorporated in the finished product. These include: Creampies (especially vaginal), Rough Sex, Power Imbalance Role Play (Boss/Secretary, Homeowner/Maid, Professor/Coed. etc), and Dom/Sub.

Custom Videos

This is another major moneymaker for most successful OnlyFans models, and this content is usually fairly easy to produce. Most of the creators I’ve worked with make most of their money with custom videos.

A typical custom video will involve the model doing something that turns on a single buyer. In other words, the content is produced after a buyer has made a specific request of the creator, and a price for the content has been agreed to. The model using the name of the buyer in the video is very common.

Most custom video requests usually involve some level of masturbation while the model talks dirty directly to the fan, uses his name, and recites specific lines she is instructed to use by the buyer. A custom video, depending on the kink involved, can be sold for hundreds or even over a thousand dollars.

Cosplay Content

Cosplay content can be a huge moneymaker, as well, because fans of various comic book heroes, tv shows, or movies can be quite eager to see an OnlyFans model dawn a costume associated with their geeky interest and engage in some spicy activity on video.

Unless it’s a custom request, I generally recommend that models stick to the widely popular franchises when creating cosplay content for OnlyFans. The more popular the cosplay focus, the more sales you’ll make. Also, a little trick you can use to really blow up sales is to plan your content around major movie releases. So, if there’s a big superhero movie releasing next month, might be a good idea to hit that specific franchise.

Financial Domination (FinDom)

This is honestly one of the most lucrative niches for an OnlyFans creator to cater to. You wouldn’t guess it, but it turns out that there are a LOT of guys on the internet who love to have their bank accounts drained by attractive, dominant females. Yes, really lol.

FinDom is VERY popular in the online adult industry, and OnlyFans is probably the best platform you can use to monetize the odd kink.

The key to it is to simply adopt a dominant, demanding attitude towards your “finsubs” (financial submissives) and frequently require that they “tribute” you via OnlyFan’s tipping feature. You can also make findom video content where you are “disciplining” your subs by giving them orders on how to spend their money.

Successful findom models are known to make WAY over $10k per month catering to finsubs and “paypigs,” and the niche has never been hotter. Believe me, based on reports I get from OF creators, this is one of the biggest cashcows in the industry right now.

Now, you will still need to get finsub kinksters to subscribe to your OnlyFans, and they’re not easy to target on social media.

The one ridiculously effective way to find them is to establish a presence on cam sites, where they tend to hang out in large numbers. For more information on this DEADLY EFFECTIVE method, check out my Uber Fans Magnet Webcam Modeling Course here.


Bonus Tip: Selling Content Via PPV

Using the OnlyFans PPV feature is the key to really blowing up your revenues because of the clever way it exploits natural human psychology. Employing it correctly can TRIPLE your revenues on the platform!

The PPV (Pay Per View) feature on OnlyFans allows creators to monetize specific pieces of content by offering them to subscribers for a one-time fee. Here’s how an OnlyFans model can effectively use the PPV feature to boost content sales to subscribers:

  1. Teasers and Previews: Use teasers and previews to generate interest and build anticipation for your PPV content. Post teaser images or short video clips on your main feed to give subscribers a glimpse of what they can expect. Teasers should be intriguing enough to capture attention but leave subscribers wanting more.
  2. Clear Pricing and Descriptions: Be transparent about the pricing and content of your PPV offerings. Clearly state the cost of the content and provide a brief description or preview image to give subscribers an idea of what they’re purchasing. Avoid misleading or ambiguous descriptions to maintain trust and credibility with your audience.
  3. Promotion and Marketing: Promote your PPV content across your OnlyFans page and other social media platforms to maximize visibility and sales. Use eye-catching graphics, compelling captions, and strategic timing to drive traffic to your PPV offerings. Consider offering limited-time promotions or discounts to incentivize purchases and create a sense of urgency.
  4. Engage With Your Audience: Engage with your audience and encourage feedback and interaction around your PPV content. Respond to comments, questions, and messages promptly to foster a sense of connection and community with your subscribers. Consider soliciting input or suggestions for future PPV offerings to involve your audience in the content creation process.
  5. Monitor Performance and Adjust Strategies: Keep track of the performance of your PPV content by monitoring what sells best, engagement metrics, and subscriber feedback. Analyze which types of content resonate most with your audience and adjust your strategies accordingly. Experiment with pricing, content formats, and promotional tactics to optimize sales and maximize revenue potential.

By intelligently employing the PPV feature, OnlyFans models can monetize exclusive content, generate additional revenue streams, and enhance subscriber engagement and satisfaction. This really is crazy effective, you need to use it!


What Sells on OnlyFans May Change Over Time

Finally, just want to warn you that what sells best on OnlyFans may change as kinks evolve, so you need to make sure you’re keeping up to date on your knowledge of trends in the business.

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Another way to stay abreast of changes and new trends in the OF industry is to reach out to other content creators and network. Plus, you’d be surprised how many doors can open for you by simply making allies in the business.

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